Friday, May 24, 2013

New vCloud Hybrid service from VMware

    This week VMware launched the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. now You can move the private cloud VM to VMware Hybrid Cloud seamlessly no need to change, no need to buy any extra license and no need to get trained with new features. Just simple and easy to use.
   You can use your existing vSphere or vCloud environment and you can move any of your workload to VMware Hybrid cloud. 
  There are mainly 2 Flavors of Hybrid cloud offers 
   1) Virtual Cloud
          Resources:- 5GHz CPU Burstable to 10GHz
                                  20 GB RAM
                                  2 TB Storage 
    2) Dedicated Cloud
          Resources:- 30 GHz CPU
                                  120 GB RAM
                                   6 TB Storage

We can also use it for Scalability and Disaster recovery for critical Application.
           No Additional cost just PAY AS YOU GROW.
  A nice presentation by Greg.



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