Thursday, May 16, 2013

VMFS 5 technology enhancement part 1

  Hello every one after a long time i am updating.. i am writing this blog to explain new enhacement of new VMFS 5 file system advantages over VMFS 3.5.
  In VMFS 3.5 file system we can have maximum 2 TB LUN size and one datastore can extend upto 64TB (with 32 2TB extent LUN)
In VMFS 5 file system we can create one LUN with 64TB but still datastore max size is 64TB. This enhancement is possible because now VMware supports GPT partition where VMFS 3.5 was using MBR.
  How it is possible?
  What happened to different block size  in VMFS 3.5?
   WHAT is the max file size supported in VMFS 5?
   After VMFS 3.5 to VMFS 5 upgradetion WHAT will be the block size?
   Dose storage replication performance and data incremental size will get affected ?
      Stay tune for my next post to dig deep in VMFS 5 Enhancements technical view.

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