Saturday, December 27, 2014

Which private cloud to choose: Openstack vs Others

     I have received many queries from customers regarding which private cloud is suitable for their organization requirement. I always recommend to implement the cloud which satisfies the organization requirement. 
To elaborate more on organization requirement I am taking car's example.


        Many people requires Customized cars with modified features because of cars specific functions and requirement so they will build car with different pices and parts. Others likes to go with selecting readymade car models to get into the box features.

       Openstack is like custom build car you can pick and chose the features to implement and modify the features based on your organization requirement. You can even modify the engine (nova, horizon etc.) based on your requirement. but like custom cars you need specific teams to build private cloud with coding and infrastructure resource management skills. VMware, HP Helion, Redhat, ubuntu is working on their distributions for openstack but personally i feel that still none of them are stable enough for production workload.
CLOUDSTACK, vCloud, HP CSM, etc.

  For the users require features in a box solution they have 2 options
    1) Paid license based solutions  (Citrix CloudPlatform, VMware vCloud, Cisco UCSD, HP CSM, etc.)
    2) Opensource solutions (Cloudstack, OpenQRM, Opennebula etc.)

       each options are like different vendors and models of cars. each options has their own features, support and stability. Paid and licensed solutions have features based on license edition so you have to pay more to get more features (eg. vcloud suite standard and enterprise).In The second option all the features are available and the support is available from 

 My personal choice and widely adopted opensource private cloud solution by industry is Cloudstack because of large active community, simplicity, stability and well documented. Cloudstack support is also available in India with Frontier Business Systems.

  In summary, The choice of private cloud technology is always depends on the organization's requirement. each options has their own advantages over others and selection is completely depends on business requirement, cost, stability and support.



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