Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HPC (Grid Computing) deployment process on AWS cloud

           Few months back i published a post where i mentioned why hpc on cloud. available here since then i  am doing  researching on HPC on cloud. 
       So i am writing this post  and I have found that there are many ways we can deploy HPC on cloud, each deployment can be different and the complexity is based on the platform we choose and the HPC requirement.  

      In my earlier post i have mentioned about IBM softlayer and other cloud service provider but I am focusing on AWS because of the detailed documentation is available for the same.In order to Kickstart with HPC the easiest way is to us automated deployment which everyone loves it.
      MIT has developed easy and powerful script to deploy hpc cluster (grid computing) on aws cloud. StarCluster  is the Simplest way to deploy HPC cluster(grid computing) on AWS Cloud.  You can watch the video for more technical detail.

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