Cloudometry is published as blog since 2010. Cloudometry is a personal Blog about Virtualization and Cloud related technical information maintained by Tejas Sheth. The name is derived from Trigonometry which measures length and angle of triangle as the name Cloudometry mean to measure the technicality and different use cases of Cloud. Cloudomentry is measuring the depth and thickness of technology in CloudPhysics.
        In Cloudometry I believe that the shape of  cloud will be keep on changing in future with its different use cases because virtually you can provide anything on cloud as  a service. Cloudometry provides you with a firm foundation while gaining flexibility at the same time. 

Note: The Views and descriptions are strictly mine and not influenced by other companies and the documentation on the site meant to provide technical deep drive for IT focused audience.

 About Me

     Virtualization professional and cloud architect, Working at CrimsonCloud as Lead Architect heading Cloud solutions. Also VMware VCP, VCP-IaaS, CCNA, EMC ISA, Cisco Unified computing specialist certified. I am also active user community member in Apache Cloudstack. Working experience on Network, Storage, Virtualization and Cloud (Cloudstack, VMware product family and Amazon cloud services).

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